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Is hypervigilance a preventive mechanism to defend against trauma after narcissistic abuse?

If you are able to let it go then perhaps your now just more comfortable with your boundaries, so much so that the fear of boundary invasion becomes non existent as it's now a rooted and healthy part of your personality construct.

Hypervigilance is a necessary barrier to hold space for when enduring or when in post recovery from abuse at the hands of a person with narcissistic personality disorder. It's the mind and bodies sensory protective intuition kicking in following abuse, however, it isn't sustainable and the discovery of and building of secure healthy boundaries is the next logical step as you'll undoubtedly discover a unique strength in their application, you'll discover that actually a lot of people are capable of respecting your boundaries which will give you comfort and a deeper understanding of the power of 'no'.

All the while, these new found mechanisms are the ultimate in self protection — do you want to see and know a narcissist? Set a boundary and watch them try to break it down, stick to it firmly (as you should) and watch them howl at the moon in a short space of time — children and broken children stuck in an adults body can't regulate well when emotionally challenged and your boundary is seen as that challenge to any and all adult narcissists.

So, the hypervigilance is useful and completely required but isn't sustainable. Reliance on healthy solid boundaries is key to your growth and the discovery of emotionally mature dynamics built on mutual respect.

Finally, always remember that trust is earned. If I want someone to trust me, I will show them that I am worthy of their trust, it's also very much a two way street.

Hope this helps someone today, hypervigilance is useful when transitioning through the stages of emotionally rebuilding oneself following abuse. It's a decent indicator that your fight or flight is working but don't forget to trust yourself, your boundaries and your intuition and then the hypervigilance will subdue when it needs to and, when your ready.

Peace ✌️

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