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What makes a narcissist disappointed?

I'm going to answer this question really short.. these are actual quotes from my personal recordings of abuse of my abuser just sometimes speaking, sometimes yelling.. but, maybe itll answer this questions eh? Let's see..

Scene: In bed, falling asleep.

“I'm so disappointed that you thought my sauce needed more salt"

Which she then escalated out of nothing to me having an affair for the 8th time. Which I wasn't clearly. Wish I had the amount of shit I got for not having one.

Scene: Lounge, I'm playing xbox.

In she walks, pause game.

“So, when we clean the house, it needs to be done properly, the bath (that she, her daughter and son use, I used my en suite) still has hair in it and I want a bath, I'm so sad and disappointed”

Context: I'd cleaned the entire 4 bedroom home and decided the bath, which looked like a baboon had been murdered in, was full of lady hair bits from her 20 year old daughter. So yeah, disappointed and sad that I didnt scrub away someone's pubes that was quite capable of cleaning her own scales up.

This could get quite long. So here comes the boom;

What makes a narcissist disappointed?

Literally everything and anything that isn't about them. You can take that to the grave, that's the only answer surely.

Especially when we, the survivors of their carnage are happy, content and have taken back our power.

They be so disappointed.

I'm soon launching Narshole the Lonely Monster on YouTube. Video answers to questions will start to appear from 10 Oct 2020.

Please consider subscribing early to be ready to watch the first videos at launch!!


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