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Do you need an impact statement to deliver to the court? Often when we're entangled with a narcissist it's hard to relay to the court the abuse we endured. You can take the strain out of the process by engaging with me and having a professionally balanced and objective victim personal statement to show the court what you experienced and why the other party is to be considered dangerous or even just unable to be considered a good parent or role model for your child when considering Co-parenting relationships. You can be completely prepared to emote with ease what you endured and be confident with its impact on the court. *

*The provision of an abuse impact statement for court use does not guarantee that your case will win. The justice system is playing catch when it comes to emotional abuse law but, precedent does exist and new UK law came into effect in 2015.


What you endured, even in its minutiae WILL have been against the general rule of law and some of the actions a narcissist takes against their victims will have legal consequences. The emotional fog they placed you in often erodes that objective reasoning and we can't seem to ever see the woods for the trees. This is more so the case when in a court room setting. Engaging in my impact statement will show you (if present) how many laws they broke, it will show the court your abuse and only based on your own testimony as to the events you endured.

The impact will be felt and known, in a clear, concise, objective and reasonable way using legal terminology and definitions as to the abuse you suffered.


Following a 30 min free consultation we should both be able to make a well-informed decision toward engagement. The 30 min free consultation is NOT a guarantee that this service is suitable for all and both parties (You, or the Litigant in Person and Myself) are required to mutually engage in the process.


Following engagement and payment of the fee we will then arrange a suitable date to hold an open conversation either in person over a coffee or via a video call for no more than 2 hours at which we'll explore your case. I'll take many notes and provide you with an emailed first draft within a calendar week. There is a draft limit applied of five (5) which is usually plenty of time to tweak the statement to your liking. Once accepted, we'll both sign off on the work as completed and can stay in touch to support you as needed using McKenzie Friend law if you require it.

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