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"A captivating journey through the intricate world of narcissism. A must-read for anyone seeking to break free from toxic relationships and rediscover their authentic self."

"Neil Bryan's expert insights and compassionate approach make this book a powerful tool for healing and personal growth. An eye-opening exploration of the hidden dynamics of abuse and trauma."

"Intriguing and empowering! 'The Narcissism Paradox' offers practical tools to reclaim your life and navigate the complexities of narcissistic relationships. A transformative guide to lasting change."

"An insightful dive into the minds of narcissists and codependents. Neil Bryan's extensive expertise shines through, offering hope and understanding to survivors of abuse."


"The  Narcissism  Paradox:  Unravelling Abuse  &  Embracing  Healing"  is  a transformative exploration into the intricate world of narcissism and its profound impact on individuals and society. Authored by Neil Bryan, a former trauma medic and advocate for emotional abuse recovery, this empowering book delves deep into the origins, behaviours, and consequences of narcissistic personality traits.

Drawing from his 22-year service as a trauma medic in the Royal Air Force and extensive research, Bryan sheds light on the roots of narcissism, revealing how childhood traumas and generational patterns contribute to the formation of narcissistic behaviours. Through engaging storytelling and  compassionate  insights,  readers  gain a  deeper understanding of the dynamics at play in narcissistic relationships.

"The Narcissism Paradox" goes beyond mere recognition of narcissism and offers practical tools for breaking free from toxic entanglements. Bryan emphasizes the importance of recognizing codependent traits in oneself, enabling readers to set healthy boundaries, cultivate self-compassion, and embark on a journey of healing and self-rediscovery. Throughout the book, Bryan addresses the wider implications of narcissism on society, particularly the rise of political narcissism and its impact on democracy. With a critical lens, he explores the dangers of corruption and the need for collective action to promote positive

Key concepts, such as gaslighting, love bombing, mirroring, devaluation, projection, triangulation, victim playing, smear campaigns, and the silent treatment, are thoroughly analysed to help readers navigate and recognize the manipulative tactics employed by narcissists. Bryan's work challenges readers to confront their past traumas, both individually and collectively, and to understand the root cause of narcissism lurking within society. Empowered with knowledge, readers are inspired to take an active role in reshaping their communities and promoting healthy relationships.

"The Narcissism Paradox" also addresses the potential for healing and connection between 
narcissists and codependents. Through understanding each other's love languages and recognizing shared vulnerabilities, a path to effective communication and healing emerges.


By delving into the human experience of both narcissists and codependents, Bryan emphasizes the importance of empathy, compassion, and self-awareness in breaking free from the grips of narcissism. He reminds readers that acknowledging one's hidden strengths and embracing personal growth can lead to profound transformation and empowerment.


In summary, "The Narcissism Paradox: Unravelling Abuse & Embracing Healing" is a thought-provoking and empowering guide that invites readers to reclaim their lives, shed the chains of toxic relationships, and rediscover their authentic selves. With practical guidance, engaging storytelling, and compassionate insights, this book serves as a beacon of hope for all seeking healing from emotional abuse and fostering genuine connection in their lives.

Jan 16th 2024!
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